Al-madrasa Alkamiliya

Al-madrasa Alkamiliya

“Next to the complicated of Barquq is that this Ayyubid fragment, Al-madrasa Alkamiliya a part of a iwan of a madrasa constructed through Sultan al-Kamil, the nephew of Salah al-Din. The college became set up to teach students withinside the traditions of the prophet, and became the maximum reputable middle for this take a look at in Egypt in the course of the 13th and fourteenth centuries. After the famine of 1403-1404 it suffered a extreme lower in sales and entered a extended decline. Today it’s miles thrilling by and large due to the fact relics of the Ayyubid length are so few. The doorway and financial institution of mashrabiya home windows belong to an Ottoman length recovery of 1752, as does the mosque via which one walks. Turn left withinside the ablutions courtyard, then proper into the vacant lot beyond. From right here the arched vault of the iwan is at the proper, for decades all that became visible. Since early 2002, the Ministry of Culture, as a part of the recovery process, has been making interesting discoveries approximately the madrasa’s plan and its water transport system in Al-madrasa Alkamiliya.

Al-madrasa Alkamiliya

Al-madrasa -EL-Gamaleyael


Al Moez Ldin Allah Al Fatmi street

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City: Cairo
Region: EL-Gamaleyael
Place: Al Moez Ldin Allah Al Fatmi street
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