Gayer-Anderson Museum

Gayer-Anderson Museum

The Gayer-Anderson Museum is an art museum located in Cairo, the capital of Egypt. Its location is located next to the famous and huge Ahmed Ibn Tulun Mosque in the Sayeda Zeinab neighborhood.

later turned into a museum

Later turned into a museum

The owner of this house, which was later turned into a museum, was an English officer who joined the Medical Corps of the Royal Egyptian Army in 1904 and was later used in ...
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The building takes its name from the name of its pioneering owner R.G. Gayer Anderson Pasha, who resided inside it between 1935 and 1942, and his residence was with special permission from the Egyptian government. The museum is noted for certainly being one of the remaining examples of 17th-century local architecture in Cairo, and also for its collection of furniture, carpets, antiques, and other things. It is a living museum of a place where people once lived and it is wonderful and an enjoyable visit that you cannot miss. You can now go to Egypt and see this wonderful place.